Paint & External Protection

A highly resilient protective coating over paintwork that shields it from harmful elements.


Tribos® is the only protective coatings company to mechanically prepare vehicles before application. Our certified Tribos® technicians use only the best materials and bespoke products.

The Tribos® preparation process ensures a 100% contaminant free surface. Without preparation, protective coatings simply don’t work as well and will fail prematurely.

What is covered

What is NOT covered

Key Facts

PAINT: A non-ceramic, 3-stage mechanical application, 24-hour air-cure, flexible protective coating. Developed to create a high-gloss finish making cleaning easier, and polishing a chore of the past. Engineered to resist 99% of all aggressive contaminants

GLASS: The highest performing hydrophobic barrier on the market today. Non-silicon, 3-stage application only, 4-hour air-cure spirit-based protective coating

ALLOY: A ceramic-based polymer coating specifically designed to resist brake dust, tar and general road contaminants. Makes cleaning wheels so easy, the dirt comes straight of with a spray

FABRIC: A high-performing hydrophobic barrier for interior vehicle fabrics. Engineered to resist most liquids and staining solids

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